About MSET

The Mississippi Enterprise for Technology

The Mississippi Enterprise for Technology (MSET) is located at the John C. Stennis Space Center, one of the nation’s largest federal cities. Originally formed through a joint effort between the State of Mississippi, NASA, and the Mississippi institutions of higher learning, MSET is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that facilitates regional economic development by leveraging the resources of Stennis Space Center, the State, and the region to foster business opportunities among public and private entities.

Using the scientific and technical resources of NASA and other resident agencies at Stennis, MSET promotes growth in existing industry, stimulates new business, and attracts high-tech companies to the region by providing companies crucial business and technology-related services, opportunities for partnerships and collaboration, entrepreneur resources and access to state and federal technology portfolios.

MSET operates the Mississippi Technology Transfer Office, authorized by State statute and agreements with the Mississippi Development Authority and NASA. The Mississippi Technology Transfer Center at Stennis houses many advanced technology companies specializing in fields such as engineering, aerospace, geospatial technology, defense solutions, environmental sciences, marine technology, energy innovation, and IT.

MSET’s Committed to Technology

The Mississippi Enterprise for Technology is committed to its existing industry and to establishing a healthy partnership with new businesses to promote technology and entrepreneurial development at Stennis Space Center by:

  • Collaborating with NASA/Stennis Technology Office
  • Maintaining working relationships with the Mississippi Development Authority
  • South Mississippi Planning and Development District
  • Mississippi Economic Development Council (MEDC) and local, state and federal government agencies

MSET Facilitates Commercialization

MSET facilitates business growth and renewal through commercialization of technology by:

  • Identifying and evaluating business opportunities
  • Developing strategies and business plans
  • Supporting partnering, acquisition and divestiture initiatives
  • Conducting due diligence investigations
  • Facilitating regional development
  • Researching markets, unmet needs and latent demand
  • Surveying current and prospective customers

MSET also, offers services to resident and nonresident clients wishing to initiate or expand their business at Stennis Space Center and in the Gulf South region.

John C. Stennis Space Center

For more than four decades, John C. Stennis Space Center in south Mississippi has served as NASA’s primary rocket propulsion testing ground. Today, the center provides propulsion test services for NASA and the Department of Defense, as well as the private sector. It is home to NASA’s Rocket Propulsion Test Program, which manages all of the agency’s propulsion test facilities.

Stennis Space Center is home to a number of federal, state, academic and private organizations and numerous technology-based companies that share the cost of owning and operating the facility, making it more cost-effective for each agency to accomplish its independent mission.

For more information about the John C. Stennis Space Center visit —www.nasa.gov/centers/stennis