Oceans in Action 2022 Presentations

Attendees of the 2022 Oceans in Action & Port Security Summit were able to attend valuable presentations on emerging blue technologies, government programs, and advances in port security. If you missed these presentations, we now have them available for download and organized by day of the conference.

Monday, March 7

  1. Keynote: Operational Navy Update and Future Plans
  2. Panel: NavalX Gulf Coast Tech Bridge Overview & Technical Focus Areas
  3. University of Southern Mississippi’s Coastal Operations Briefing
  4. Mississippi’s Blue Economy
  5. State of Gulf of Mexico Alliance 2022
  6. Mississippi Department of Marine Resources
  7. Mississippi State University Programs on the Coast

Tuesday, March 8

  1. Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Detachment – Ocean Sciences Division 2022
  2. NASA Autonomous Systems Lab: Capabilities to Enhance the Blue Economy
  3. NOAA’s Role in Advancing the Blue Economy
  4. NBDC Overview and Mission to Support Maritime Safety & Security
  5. Jumpstarting the NOAA UxS Data Enterprise
  6. Panel: NOAA Strategic Approach to Uncrewed Systems
  7. Panel: Mississippi’s Blue Economy
  8. Wave Killer Systems Port Protection Perimeter Walls
  9. Tech Talk: Location-Specific Storm Surge and Wind Data

Wednesday, March 9

  1. ANTX Purpose & Success Stories
  2. Importance of the Warfare Center Partnership with the Meteorology & Oceanography Community
  3. Perspectives on ANTX of the Future
  4. Tech Talk: Adaptive Persistent Awareness Systems
  5. Tech Talk: Leveraging Turn-key UxS for Coastal Science and Technology from Research to Operations
  6. Tech Talk: CUBEnet: High Resolution in situ Oceanographic and Meteorological Data
  7. Tech Talk: Underwater Perspective of a Storm and Potential Forecast Benefits

Thursday, March 10

  1. NAVAIR International Programs
  2. Panel: Military Deployment Operations Successes at the Port of Gulfport
  3. The Future of Cargo Inspection and Data Sharing
  4. Challenges and Future Contingency Plans for a Secure Port
  5. Tech Talk: Threat Mitigation Initiatives
  6. Tech Talk: Developments in Cyber Security
  7. Introduction to the Committee and Thoughts on Port Security
  8. Enhanced Port Resiliency and Security
  9. Port Digitalization: Securely Handling Cargo and Its Data
  10. The Use of Unmanned Platforms to Deploy Non-Lethal Effectors in the Post Security Environment