Oceans in Action: March 10, 2022

NAVAIR International Programs


Ron Weinberger, Director, International Programs

NAVAIR SYSCOM Security Cooperation Office

Learn more about the Naval Air Systems Command. NAVAIR’s International Programs partners with 18 like-minded countries within the Indo-Pacom region. NAVAIR’s International team also helps to meet ever-changing challenges in the global supply chain and increasing incidents of theft and fraud.

Panel Discussion: Military Deployment Operations Successes at the Port of Gulfport


Andy Kilgore

University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi Defense Initiative (MDI)

Learn about military readiness exercises on the Gulf Coast from September-October 2019: ARCTIC ANVIL, JRE, and Operation United Front as well as the Mississippi Army National Guard’s mobilization capabilities at Camp Shelby, Camp McCain, and the Gulfport Combat Readiness Training Center-Battlefield Airmen Center.


  • COL Bobby Ginn, Mississippi Army National Guard J4
  • COL Bradley Howe, State Army Aviation Officer & Commander, 1108th Aviation Group (TASM-G)
  • COL Joy Alexander, MFGI OIC, Commander Camp Shelby Joint Forces Training Center (CSJFTC)
  • COL Jeremy St. Laurent, Commander 597th Transportation Brigade (SDDC)
  • Shawn Meyer, Director of Operations, Port of Gulfport

The Future of Cargo Inspection and Data Sharing


Melissa Odegaard

S2 Global

This presentation explains how fast, secure trade is made possible through data sharing technologies including S2 Global’s CertScan, which could lead to a potential “green lane” for containers passing through customs at the Port of Gulfport.

Challenges and Future Contingency Plans for a Secure Port

Investing in the Ports of the Future


Jon Nass, CEO & Executive Director

Port of Gulfport

This presentation provides an overview of the facilities and structure of the Port of Gulfport and then dives into areas of security concern.

Tech Talk: Threat Mitigation Initiatives


Robert Tabbara

911 Security Drone Mitigation Company

This presentation provides an overview of 911 Security’s AirGuard airspace security platform. Any facility with traditional ground security currently has vulnerability from airspace, and can result in contraband delivery, intellectual property theft, spying, and more. AirGuard is FCC and FAA compliant and detects drones penetrating your airspace, identifies the drone, tracks the drone, and responds.

Tech Talk: Cyber Security: Threats and Prevention


Jonathan Kilpatrick, CEO

Trulight, LLC

Ports are a prime target for cyber crime attacks. This presentation speaks specifically about maritime cyber attacks, which have increased 900% over the past three years. Learn more about prevention of attacks and detection of vulnerabilities.

Introduction to the Committee and Thoughts on Port Security 


Dan Turissini, Chair, Maritime Cyber Security and Infrastructure Committee

Educare of Northern Virginia, Inc

A single cybersecurity breach can cause huge consequences over an entire system. Smart ships, ports, cities, and enterprises need to take a new systems-based defensive approach that eliminated human weaknesses and not pretend that cyber security problems can be solved with a simple overlay or a new security monitoring and training. The MTS Maritime Cyber Security and Infrastructure Committee will be the central resource for members of the Marine Technology Society to go for the latest information, advice, and best practices.

Tech Talk: Enhanced Port Resiliency and Security


Dr. Jason McKenna
University of Southern Mississippi

Adam Hellmers
Radiance Technologies

Vishwa Sunkara
University of Southern Mississippi

Radiance Technologies is an employee-owned R&D company performing technical intelligence, developing advanced technologies, and providing engineering services. This presentation covers their work in port resiliency, including how it can be improved by implementing a hardware-in-the-loop testbed, RF-equipped unmanned systems, and automated data analysis and reporting.

Port Digitalization: Securely Handling Cargo and Its Data


Todd Neely


Port digitalization is using automation and innovative technologies such as AI, Big Data, Internet of Things, and blockchain to improve its performance. Every cargo transfer requires information to be exchanged with up to 200 different entities including shipping agencies, ocean carriers, customs, and ports. Port digitalization requires an aggressive cyber security framework and is a valuable investment for ports across a wide spectrum of sizes and cargoes.

The Use of Unmanned Platforms to Deploy Non-Lethal Effectors in the Port Security Environment


Matthew Searle

Maritime Arresting Technologies

Learn about Maritime Arresting Technologies, a small product development company developing non-lethal weapons for the maritime security market.