Oceans in Action: March 8, 2022

Naval Research Laboratory — Ocean Sciences Division 2022


Dr. Richard Crout

Ocean Sensing and Processes Branch, Naval Research Laboratory – South

Learn about the unique characteristics of the Naval Research Laboratory and its Ocean Sciences Division. The presentation discusses the mission and focus areas of its four branches:

  • Ocean Dynamics and Prediction
  • Ocean Sensing and Processes
  • Center for Geospatial Science
  • Seafloor Sciences

NASA Autonomous Systems Lab: Capabilities to Enhance the Blue Economy


C. Duane Armstrong, Manager, SSC Stennis Space Center Strategic Business Development Office

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

The Stennis Space Center’s Autonomous Systems Lab provides state-of-the-art, mission-ready solutions to customers across the aerospace industry. Learn about how the lab can help the blue economy customers conduct research, optimize operations, lower operating and maintenance costs, and compete in a global market. The presentation includes several example projects and recent customers.

NOAA’s Role in Advancing the Gulf Coast Blue Economy


Rear Admiral Chad Cary, Office of Marine and Aviation Operation (OMAO)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Learn more about the NOAA’s operations on the Gulf Coast, including:

  • Ship Operations
  • Ship Hurricane Response
  • Aircraft Operations
    • Marine Resource Flights & Coastal Mapping
    • Hurricane Support
  • Uncrewed Systems Operations
  • Uncrewed Systems Research to Improve Hurricane Intensity Forecasts
  • Partnerships for the Gulf Coast Blue Economy

NBDC Overview and Mission to Support Maritime Safety & Security


Dr. William Burnett

NOAA’s National Data Buoy Center

Learn more about now the National Data Buoy Center’s observations work to support the NOAA’s mission goals of:

  • Healthy oceans
  • Climate adaptation and mitigation
  • Weather readiness
  • Resilient coastal communities and economies

Jumpstarting the NOAA UxS Data Enterprise


Sharon Mesick, Director, Southern Regional Climate Sciences

Jennifer Bowers, NCEI UxS Data Coordinator

NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information

Panel: NOAA Strategic Approach to Uncrewed Systems


Philip Hoffman, NOAA Uncrewed Maritime Systems R& D Coordinator

  • Captain Philip Hall, Director, NOAA UxS Operations Center
  • Alex C. Ligon, Navigation Response Team – 1
  • Bill Lingsch, Integrated Ocean Observing System
  • Sharon Mesick, National Centers for Environmental Information

Panel: Mississippi’s Blue Economy


Bill Cork, Chief Economic Development Officer

Mississippi Development Authority

This presentation provides an overview of the Blue Economy in Gulfport, Mississippi and how facilities like USM’s Roger F. Wicker Center for Ocean Enterprise, established blue industry players, OceanAero, and Stennis Space Center work to advance ocean-related technologies.


  • Laurie Jugan, Program Director, MSET
  • Mayor Billy Hewes, City of Gulfport: Gulfport Innovation District
  • Dr. Kelly Lucas, USM: Ocean Enterprise Facility
  • Kevin Decker, OceanAero

Wave Killer Systems Port Protection Perimeter Walls


Destino Rivera, CEO

Wave Killer

Wae Killer is a patented, environmentally safe air perimeter wall. Walls of air bubbles are anchored to the ocean floor, effectively stopping waves from coming ashore during hurricanes. Learn about this and other useful applications of Wave Killer.

Tech Talk: Location-Specific Storm Surge and Wind Data


Elizabeth Valenti, Lead Engineer

Q-risq Analytics

Q-risq Analytics uses distributed geospatial analytics engines on big data to provide precise storm surge and wind risk analysis—before and after a storm. Learn more about what data Q-risq provides their clients and how it can be used to predict wind and storm surge at specific addresses.